Spring Fishing

When Spring time comes, it's Brown Trout time in Manistee.  From March thru May, Manistee produces some fantastic Lake Michigan Brown Trout fishing.  When these "footballs" come in, trolling the picturesque Manistee shoreline is the ticket.  On April 14, 1998, a near record 33.45 lb. Brown Trout was taken off the "Reel Teaser".  Only days later the "new" Michigan Brown Trout Record was taken from those same waters. If you're looking to stay close to the shore and you like fast action fishing, Lake Michigan Brown Trout fishing is just for you!

Early To Mid Summer Fishing

During June and July we leave the shoreline behind, sometimes traveling as far as 20-25 miles off shore, and head for the shipping lanes of Lake Michigan.  It is here that the Lake Michigan Steelhead fishery is at it's finest.  Trolling the deep water with bright colored spoons is our way of saying it's time to come out and play...and do they ever!  There's nothing like the sight of a big "Steelie" dancing on top of the water.  That's when the challenge begins.  These feisty "silver bullets" come out of the water shaking their heads as hard as they can in hopes of leaving you far behind.  But, with a good hook set and a little strong-arming, landing one of these silver beauties is a walk in the park.

Mid To Late Summer Fishing

In July, August and September, the big boys come out to play.  The Lake Michigan Salmon fishery has been on the rise for the last few years, making Manistee an excellent choice for you next Lake Michigan Sportfishing experience.  Because of their size and strength, Manistee's Salmon can really give you a workout.  With most tipping the scales at nearly 30 lbs., hooking into one of these monsters will give you the fight of a lifetime.